Another event I would like to mention in this series is, again, something my mom told me about.

When my mom and her younger sister were kids, they were at my great grandmother’s house. My aunt asked my mom to walk with her into my great grandmother’s room. When my mom asked why she answered saying she was scared of “them”. She explained that every time she went into the room to see her grandparents, there were two adults standing at the foot of their bed who would watch her until she got on the bed. Then they would disappear.

Years later, the same aunt was holding her baby on the couch at my great grandmother’s house. The baby was just about the age when babies start to follow peoples’ movement with their eyes more. No one was in the room but my aunt and my cousin.

My aunt noticed that the baby seemed to be following something with her eyes that didn’t exist. The baby’s eyes followed an even path from right in front of her to the couch sitting next to her. This scared my aunt into leaving the room

Initially, I thought that my great grandmother’s house may be haunted or something similar to it. However, my great grandparents were strong Christians. This makes me think that, instead of my aunt’s younger self and her baby seeing ghosts, they were actually seeing the guardian angels of the house.

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