Unconditional Love

A little over a week ago, I made a post that I would be starting a new, pretty short, series. For my first post I wanted to write about a weird dream my mom told my sister and I that she had when she was in her late teens- early 20s.


She said that she dreamed she was walking through her house, looking out different windows. There was a man kneeling on the sidewalk across the street from her house with his armed outstretched. She said one thing that stood out to her primarily was that his eyes were a very bright and were always staring straight at her. No matter where she moved in the house, his eyes followed her. She said she could almost feel his eyes following her through the walls as she walked. Not only was he staring at her, but his mouth was also moving.

As another weird aspect to the dream was the other people across the street. She said they all looked like they were having fun but had blank, vacant faces. These people were walking to the kneeling man’s left side.


Of course, the dream unnerved her when she was younger, especially because this was before she became a Christian. However, when she told us about it she said she now thought she knew the meaning.

Obviously, the man across the street was Jesus. The people having fun and walking to his left were people who had fallen to the world and were walking away from God’s right hand. Though initially, she thought that the man may be casting some sort of curse, now she thinks it was God praying for her.

I love how this dream paints such a great illustration of how Christ loves unconditionally even when we are not following him.


*Picture from Google Images*

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