When I was younger, I heard the phrase, “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words can never harm me” countless times. Hopefully we all know that this is VERY incorrect. But do we know just how much?

If you think about it, words are one of the most powerful tools available to mankind. The most quiet word whispered can end a life. Many rumors spread around school about an individual have tempted a person into harming others or themselves. However, the most short of sentences could save the same life by simply being kind or saying hello.

The most influence words have is eternal. In the past, words have been used to either build up or break faith. As Christians, it is our calling to strengthen or create faiths in others.

In the modern world, this can be difficult. Finding a true Christian is very rare, and many are inclined more to the world than the Lord. Sometimes it can be slightly awkward or embarrassing to share our faith with others, however we should never miss a chance to.

Just think, a few slightly awkward words could switch the ultimate fate of anyone.1200px-Fountain_pen_writing_(literacy)


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